Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Amendment One passes, Romney continues to win the primaries, Lugar gets booted out, and Obama comes out in support of gay marriage.

What an insane two days these have been.

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  1. Hi Paul!

    I got here from the link on the Hannity Forum, which I read daily but am not a member of. Just wanted to say " hi " to a fellow Hoosier libertarian and let you know that you're one of my favorite posters at Hannity. Now that I know you have a blog, I look forward to seeing what's on your mind and maybe even have some fun conversation. I'll start....

    I've been hearing that Lugar might run as an Independant. Do you think he will? I wouldn't be at all shocked. He certainly does seem to think he's entitled to that seat. If he does, it'll be a damned interesting election. I know the Tea Party around where I am (Fort Wayne area) has been insanely motivated to boot Lugar. I think that would get ramped up if he went indy. The establishment GOPers would be motivated, too, in that case. Joe Donnelly would probably benefit from it. Thoughts?