Monday, November 21, 2011

Do Tea Partiers REALLY Want Newt in 2012?

Is Newt Gingrich an appropriate Tea Party choice?  Let's see:

-He voted to raise the debt ceiling four times (one, two, three, and four).  With the ruckus that Tea Partiers are raising about spending and the debt ceiling, this does not look good.

-He voted in favor of creating the Department of Education.  The quality of our education has gotten worse thanks to more federal involvement,

-He supported health care mandates during his political career and in his 2008 book Real Change, and has within the past year tried to flip-flop on the issue.  Obamacare is a major battle right now.  If Newt is nominated, the Obama Campaign will rehash his previous support for it and current flip-flop, making Newt look like a hypocrite. 

-He supports ethanol subsidies.  The last thing we need is more subsidies and more cronyism.

-The global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi.  Nuff. said. 

-Flip flop on Libya.  He initially supported it (flip) and then condemned it (flop).  Senator Rand Paul also took a great shot at him!  Looks like Mitt Romney isn't the ONLY flip-flopper in this race!

-He endorsed a cap and trade system during a PBS interview in 2007.  Another anti-liberty position.

-He said he would have voted for TARP.  So, Newt's another crony capitalist.

-He supported Bush's prescription drug plan.  But the program is turning out to be a failure.

-And let's not forget his social con views: Family Values, no mosque at Ground Zero, draconian drug tests, and the like.  But he's a thrice-married womanizer who once supported drug legalization. 

It's hard to TRUST Newt, let alone SUPPORT him!

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