Friday, November 18, 2011

The "Occupy" Movement

OK, so now I'm going to start blogging about current events.  In this entry, I will cover Occupy Wall Street.

The "Occupy" Movement started in New York City in mid-September and has gone viral, both nationally and internationally.  Although there is no clear message, the primary issues that appear to be on the protesters' minds range from crony capitalism to "income inequality" to social issues to even the existence of capitalism.  Despite these disparities in a particular message, one thing is clear: People are angry at the status quo.

The main point of this entry: Is Occupy Wall Street good or bad?

Being angry itself and protesting corruption is not wrong.  In fact, it shows that people are recognizing that something is going on in this country.  Our government is in bed with corporations, big banks, big labor, and special interests.  And more often than not, those special interests and big bucks take precedence over We the People.  That is something that needs to be made known to the general public. 

However, those participating?  They ruin the cause, turning it into one major negative. 

Comparisons are also made between Occupy and past and present causes.

Some compare this to the Tea Party Movement that sprung in the beginning of 2009 (although the real Tea Party began in December 2007) as a result of President Obama's statist policies.  But how many Tea Party events do you know had two-month campouts?  How many Tea Partiers defacated and urinated in public?  How many Tea protests had people blaming the Jews for the financial collapse?  How many Tea Partiers made it harder for businesses (and I am referring to small and medium businesses here, not the mega ones) to operate on a daily basis?  Were there ever rapes at Tea Party demonstrations?  Did any Tea Party protest have to deal with outbreaks of tuberculosis (I know you're probably thinking; "TB?!  That's sooooooo last century!"), STDs, and hosts of other diseases and health hazards?  Did any Tea person ever deal drugs?  Was anyone ever murdered at a Tea Party event?  Other than the fact that both groups are angry at the status quo, the comparison is downright laughable. 

Some also compare the protests to the anti-war and civil rights protests of the 1960s.  But the comparison is invalid.  This article outlines some of my reservations with the Movement above, plus it also calls out many of the protesters' unrealistic demands and beliefs, as well as the fact that many are young, naive, and idealistic. 

Occupy doesn't have a whole lot going for it when it is endorsed by statists, communists, Nazis, Islamists, and Big Labor.  It takes away the whole "grassroots" image of it.

So, how do I answer the question "Occupy Wall Street: Good or Bad?"  My answer: It was an initial good that turned into something bad.

And there you go.

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